2 Important exercise posture to reduce belly fat At Home 

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The present-day work pattern of staying online and working from home has become the chief reason many people suddenly gain weight. And the weight gain is more in the belly region. As belly fat is hard to get rid off, you should start the workout at home so that the fat does not get into the way of maintaining a normal and healthy life.

In the following post, you will come to know about some of the most effective exercise posture to reduce belly fat [ท่า ออก กํา ลังกา ลด พุง, which is the term in Thai] that you can easily do at home.

  1. Bicycle crunch

Lie on the ground and place your hands lightly on the sides of your head. Lift one leg just off the ground and extend it outwards. Lift the other leg and bend the knee towards your chest. While bending the knee, twist the core so that the opposite arm comes towards the raised knee. There is no need to touch the elbow with the knee. Just focus on moving through the core. Repeat the exercise on both sides.

  1. Leg lift

If you want to burn the fat in the belly region, then another effective exercise s the leg lift. It is simple but effective. Lie on the floor with the entire back straight and in contact with the ground. Now, lift both the legs at the same time, perpendicular to the floor, and then slowly release the legs down. The process helps burn the fat of both the lower abdomen regions and the legs.


Do accurately


If you can do these two exercises every day, you will see a visible difference in a few weeks. But the process of the exercise should be accurate. And you should repeat each form at least 20 times a day.