6 Tips To Best Match Watches And Bracelets

Watches are accessories that never go out of style. The styles and models found on the market follow the trend presented on the catwalks and in each season’s clothing. Its use, however, has been quite associated with the combination with various types of bracelets, enriching the look of those who choose to use this accessory. In today’s text, we will present six tips for you to combine your watches and bracelets with adding style to your look.

Use Different Colors When Matching Watches

Making combinations of watches and bracelets does not necessarily mean that we must follow a pattern of colors to make these weddings. As this mixture can bring a more relaxed and alternative look, the combination of different colors can make these accessories more prominent in your look.

Different Materials In Bracelets Can Make A Good Combination.

In addition to daring with the colors, a good strategy for combining bracelets and watches like Rolex daytona can be to rely on accessories made with different materials. Acrylic and leather bracelets can go well with metal watches, just as leather strap watches can be paired with accessories, not of the same material. Fabric and diamond bracelets can also be used in these situations.

Noble And Shiny Metals Can Enhance The Watch

Suppose you want to make a more sophisticated combination to use this look in situations that demand a more sober look. In that case, a good strategy is to combine a more classic watch with noble and shiny metal bracelets. Don’t forget to choose accessories that match the outfit that will be used that day to compromise the look.

Be Careful With The Number Of Bracelets

Although many bracelets bring a very creative and laid-back look to match your watch, you must be careful not to exaggerate the number of accessories used on the arms. The ideal volume of bracelets should not exceed an imaginary line of four fingers above the elbow not to take up all the space in the forearm.

Use Both Arms To Dare

Many people have chosen to wear bracelets on the watch arm and the other forearm, allowing for an even greater combination of styles. If you are one of those who likes to be daring, how about trying this strategy to create a different look?

Follow Your Style

The main rule you should follow to make combinations with watches and bracelets that suit your look is always to obey your clothing style. It’s no use wanting to wear something you don’t feel comfortable with or that you don’t identify with: this situation can make the accessories not fit your style well. For this reason, using what makes you feel prettier will make you happy, ignoring pre-established rules and standards by other people.