A review of Smartraclette Pan


Here is a winter season and winter is a perfect season for food. Raclette cheese is a best food option to eat in winter and different dishes of it famous all around the world, equally.

As soon as the nights begin to develop into a bit chilly, the Swiss are observed tucking into a bubbling pot of cheese or even sharing a raclette dinner with friends.

The term raclette is both the title of a kind of Swiss cheese and the name of the dish.


What is Raclette Cheese?

Raclette cheese is traditionally made from cow’s milk, though you may also discover some varieties made of sheep’s milk. Raclette cheese is a semi-hard cheese that is thickly chopped (much less than 1 cm) and used for grilling and grinding; it is not designed to be eaten uncooked. The mild varieties have a characteristic pungency, so it’s surely a dish for cheese-lovers only.

In the mood for cake nowadays, supermarkets and cheese mongers stock a large choice of raclette cheese, in the traditional mild variety, to all those flavored with peppercorns, chilies, or garlic. My favorites are the smoked raclette cheese and the blue cheese collection.


What is used for grilling raclette cheese?

After knowing about raclette cheese now you might be thinking about the pot in which you can cook the dishes of raclette cheese. Yes, there is a special pan that is used for cooking and grilling raclette cheese dishes.

This pan is called a raclette pan or raclette grill. It has two parts and 8 to 12 coupelles. It is the only option for making raclette cheese dishes and grill meat and fish.


From where you can get it

If you are thinking from where you can get the best raclette pan or raclette grill. The best option to get a reasonable raclette pan is “Smartraclette”. The Smartraclette is a site where you can get your favorite raclette pan with a click. Our raclette pans are using all around the globe and people are loved it to gift to their friends and family members.

Our best raclette pan has:

  • Stainless Steel pan with detachable wooden handle
  • Included plastic scraper easily removes melted cheese
  • Pan steps 7.4 and 7.3 inches without handle
  • Easy to wash


Way to use 

  • The way to use a Raclette grill at home, a raclette meal is served using a table-top grill, like you pictured in these pictures.
  • The cheese is wrapped in smallish pans known as coupelles, which can be placed under the heating element.
  • The grill plate can be used to cook vegetables and meat, although we’ve consumed with friends who do not use the grill plate in any way.
  • Place a couple of slices of raclette cheese (or other comparable firm cheese) to the pan.
  • Cook over direct heat until just melted. Use the scraper to move the melted cheese to the diner’s plates. Serve with bread, grilled meat, or vegetables.
  • And that is partially the reason why I like raclette a lot. You can optimize the meal to your liking and then function the melted raclette cheese with whatever you like.
  • Haven eaten raclette in the houses of many Swiss friends, I have taken a few thoughts here and there to produce the dish my very own.


How to serve food in a raclette pan?

There is a lot of food options that you can grill and cook on a raclette pan and serve it. Raclette is a really fun meal to share with friends and family, and everything I love is that it is dinner!

  • Raclette grill makes the best beef vegetables melted cheese.
  • There is no cooking in advance except for boil some potatoes as well as the preparation is restricted to chopping up a few vegetables and plating up the cheese.
  • For a raclette dinner, then you will need about 200g (7 oz.) raclette cheese for each individual. I buy an extra portion if someone has a hearty desire that night!
  • I also prefer to buy a choice of various raclette cheese to keep the flavors interesting, however, as a rule of thumb, at least half of this variety should be moderate raclette cheese.
  • In my loved ones, we like to cook lots of veggies on the raclette grill.
  • Cheese and potatoes on its own may be quite heavy and filling, and I think the addition of grilled vegetables allows it to be more of a complete meal.
  • These days, we also like to cook sausages for the children, and occasionally I will purchase a wonderful piece of beef fillet if we’ve got visitors joining us.
  • The melted raclette cheese is usually served over boiled potatoes, with cornichons and pickled onions over the side.


However, I have lots of Swiss friends who prefer to pour their lunch over their grilled vegetables and pickles; some chop up their potatoes and place these straight in the coupelles so that the cheese can melt directly on top!

You can experience this filling comfort food on the grill! Only melt off your cheese from the raclette pan, then scrape it out using the contained scraper. You’ll have a hot, gooey, savory dish that transports one to the Alpine slopes, directly in the comfort of your own home.


You should take care of it

Everything that we use to make our life easy, so these things need special care. So, when you use a raclette pan, you have to take care of it. To keep and extend the useful life of this BBQ instrument, hand wash with a bar of gentle dish-washing soap, rinse and dry immediately.

Accessories and tools with timber elements should not ever be put in a dishwasher. Do not use abrasive scrubbers. Periodically apply a little bit of mineral oil or other food-safe oil to wood elements.



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