Breakthrough Technologies – Part IV

An incredible quantity of new items and breakthrough technologies in the realm of personal development and private development are giving us possibilities heretofore considered just sci-fi. The next technology might be just the thing you need.

o Lucid Dreaming Series on DVD — by Hemi-Sync – This DVD by brainwave entrainment pioneer Monroe Products is made to educate you the way to program and consciously take part in your dreams. Lucid dreaming offers amazing options has for producing amazing encounters and for enriching your awake existence. This DVD is dependant on clinical research that implies you are able to increase the probability of getting lucid dreams by practicing a number of exercises while


o StressEraser Wearable Biofeedback – A cutting-edge mind gadget to erase stress. This is a review News Editor John Biggs online.

o New Study Released: MindFit – Systematically Trains Your Mind for Elevated Mental Vitality. An excellent new brain-exercise program just been released! MindFit software turns your computer right into a “fitness room” for you personally brain. With only twenty minutes of day 3 occasions per week, you’ll experience elevated mental vitality that has been enhanced abilities in lots of regions of thinking. Mindfit begins by calculating your mental abilities on an array of important cognitive skills. While using results like a baseline, this program results in a personalized training course concerned with your mind power The programming behind these personalized training programs was created by an eminent psychiatrist and uses a cutting-edge patented technology. Because no a couple are alike, each work out is distinctively your personal. The Mindfit program is simple-to-use, psychologically stimulating, and incredibly effective.

o MindFit is paramount to cognitive vitality- its and innovative patented technology turns your house PC right into a fitness room for the brain.