Buying The Psychedelic Mushrooms? Know All The Necessary Aspects

Penis envy or Psychedelic Mushroom is a type of mushroom apart from the appearance of a human penis; the features are all related to that of mushrooms. It is thought to be the most exciting species of the mushroom, which is known for its uses. The significant use of Psychedelic Mushrooms has seen the medical industry for treating many of the diseases and issues faced by people. But when you are aware of the benefits, you would like to use it, for that it must be brought. 

One who does not know how to buy the mushroom can take the help of the below-mentioned points. Before buying the mushroom, it is very important that you have covered all the necessary aspects that are related to the Psychedelic Mushroom. The major component or compound present in the mushroom is the psilocybin, responsible for the entire functioning of the mushroom. 

Necessary Points To Remember

  • Every person’s physiology is different from one another, and so is with the metabolism, and mostly the size of body parts varies too. So when there are so many changes from one to another, how could the effect of any element be the same on all? 
  • As we know that there is psilocybin present in the mushrooms, and the effect is caused because of it only. Accordingly, the effect on each person would significantly vary depending upon the nature of the person and the strain of the mushroom that is chosen for having the benefits.
  • You must keep in mind that if you are trying the magic for the first time, then you should be aware of the after-effects. Also, one who s thinking of increasing the dosage amount must pick a comfortable, familiar, and sober place to help you on the trip.
  • While using the penis envy mushroom, you can also choose to sit or company with a person who is your friend as it would serve better. Moreover, one with a feature of sober tripping could also be asked to sit together in the situation. They would help you best in the condition, and you would have a significantly better trip.
  • If you wish to know about the effects of the mushroom, you should know that you would feel the effect after 10 minutes after the mushroom intake. But once the strip has started, it would be there for few hours, likely to be 3 hours to 6 hours. 
  • Once you have used the mushroom, you would know that you would experience the hallucinogenic effects. There would be a feeling that you are seeing, sensing, and feeling some of the sighed things, but that happens in the virtual as they are not happening in reality.
  • You are also going to practice some of the changes in the colours that we see of the objects. This is done because of the psychotropic effect made on the brain because of the compound present in it.


It could be depicted that these are the major aspects and changes that a person would have to tackle. So you must take them under consideration while using the psychedelic mushroom.