Essential Things You Should Know If You Want To Have A Car

After thinking about it, you finally decided to buy your vehicle. Now you can go to work, take your children to school and go for a walk whenever you choose. However, the excitement of having your new car has made you leave out some points that you should know; For this reason, we advise you on the basic things you have to know about your car:

  1. Oil is vital to the proper functioning of a vehicle. Failure to choose the right one can expose your engine to increased wear and corrosion. Keeping it in good condition is not complicated; use the correct lubricant.
  2. It is an essential element, as it is responsible for providing the necessary energy to start the car: the lighting, the clock, windshield wipers, the GPS, or the radio work. You will find that your battery needs a change when the engine starts hard or has little power. But if you run out of it, what to do? Please take it to a workshop after disassembly or ask another driver for help and use the alligator clip cables to recharge it.
  3. There are four types of filters that, through a series of mechanisms, trap unwanted particles:
  • Oil filter. It purifies the particles and impurities that can be found in the engine oil, in addition to eliminating the iron shavings that are created during its operation.
  • Air filter. It avoids the entry of solid particles from the outside to the inside of the engine, making the air that arrives free of dust, dirt, or abrasives; with this, the combustion is carried out in the best conditions.
  • Fuel filter. It retains the particles deposited in the fuel and varies according to the type of fuel: in gasoline, it prevents impurities from reaching the engine, and in diesel, it removes moisture and prevents corrosion of the metal elements of the machine.
  • Cabin filter. Filters the air that enters the car’s interior from mites, dust, and pollen to ensure the health of the vehicle occupants.
  1. Brake fluid. It is a hydraulic fluid that makes it possible to transmit the force on the brake pedal to the brake cylinders on automobiles’ wheels to stop it. How do you know if it is in perfect condition? The color must be transparent yellow and always between the maximum and minimum marks.
  2. Absorbs heat to prevent overheating, regulating engine temperature. By tolerating shallow temperatures, it does not allow the pieces to freeze in winter. In addition, it protects the parts of the cooling system from oxidation thanks to its anti-corrosion properties.
  3. Alignment and balancing. If you are traveling at high speed and the wheel of the car vibrates, if one of the tires has not worn evenly or you are driving in a straight line, but the steering wheel is not centered, it is time to take your vehicle to the workshop for a check that includes alignment and rocking. Search for ways of selling car plate numbers (ขาย เลข ทะเบียน รถ which is the term in Thai)