Everything You Need to Learn About Shroom Tea

Tea which is made from mushrooms or Chaga been prepared and used by native Scandinavians and Russians near the Ural Mountains since period immemorial. In 12th C, shroom tea or mushroom tea was popularized by Tsar Valdimir Monomakh, Kievan Rus’s grand prince, after he started drinking it regularly in a hope of treating lip cancer as soon as possible.

The medical texts established in Russia and Northern Europe, written in the late of 16Th C and 17th C, mainstreamed the treatment properties of shroom tea. In the texts, it was found that this is tea can treat the following issues-

  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Ulcers
  • Gastritis

In 1950, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a well-known author, and laureate wrote down a novel named Cancer ward in which he had put the spotlight on the curing properties of shroom tea and it can be said that mushroom tea has had a very rich history.

Benefits to learn-

The best benefits of shroom tea are below mentioned-

  • It can regulate the cholesterol level and blood sugar level
  • It is chock-a-block with anti-oxidants
  • It maintains chronic tenderness under check
  • It helps in boosting the immune system
  • It is good at regulating hormones
  • It keeps the cancerous cells under check
  • It crashes the stress hormone cortisol thus relieving stress in a person

How does it taste?

Cordyceps, Chaga, maitake, and reishi shroom tea taste bitter. Conversely, Lion’s mane shroom tea taste comparatively like lobster soup.

The recipe for tea-

Simple shroom tea is made using the following easy to recall recipe-

  • Crush the dried pieces of shrooms
  • A cup of water is sufficient to serve a person. Do not use more than 5g of mushroom powder to make a tea
  • Boil water and put mushroom powder
  • Reduce heat and let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes
  • Strain the mixture and pour into a cup and sip

How much tea does a person need to drink in a day?

The exact dose of shroom tea is still not known. For that reason, the ladies who are pregnant need to refrain from drinking it.

A person should not drink it if he is experiencing any kind of side effects.

For a better outcome, one has to talk to the doctor before they decide to have a cup of tea.

Can a person drink it only daily basis?

A cup of shroom tea around 5g is sufficient to get desired benefits.

Does it trim down fat from the body?

According to the experts, shroom tea can manage blood sugar levels and therefore let all exercise longer at the gyms.

Some pros of psilocybin mushroom tea-

Benefits of shroom tea made from psilocybin species of mushrooms or else called magic shrooms have the below-mentioned benefits:

  • It enhances the quality of life of people suffering from cancer
  • It keeps stress and depression at a distance
  • It helps people to quit smoking or drinking alcohol

The end-

Finally, you have learned more than enough things about shroom tea and now you should not face any issues on making the right buying decision.