Highlights on Hotel Lingerie

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The word lingerie probably suggests you as well for sexy and sexy first female undergarments. It is the first thing that comes to mind, but if you work or own a hotel, you will know that lingerie in a hotel designates a particular type of bed and bath linen and that it is also called the store you can buy this type of clothing. And with that said, we encourage you to go to the heart of the hotel lingerie concept to try to figure out how to please your guests.

Returning to the underwear of the lingerie, whether feminine or masculine, we do not doubt that they are articles of clothing that can sometimes awaken specific numb passions. Its soft, silky, and light fabrics with subtle lace or excellent transparencies manage to make anyone’s imagination fly, revealing shapes and adorning the beauty that bodies hide in the natural.

So, in intimate life, the use of lingerie can have purposes related to seduction. Hotel bed linen can be attractive and elegant as some undergarments are, in addition to fulfilling the basic hygiene and comfort functions of hotel clothing.


Tips for knowing the hotel lingerie that suits my clients

  1. The hotel lingerie  and Towels (ผ้าขนหนู which is the term in Thai)will come into physical contact with your client, and he expects it to be pristine, of quality and that, above all, its touch is as soft, pleasant and warm as possible, to feel in your accommodation as in his own house.
  2. To meet your expectations, the selection of clothing fabric will be necessary. Still, the state of conservation of the lingerie and the clean smell that the washings will provide will also play an important role.
  3. Do not forget that the underwear of your hotel will enter first by sight. And in this sense, you will have to strive to find elegant bedding and curtains made with good taste and fluffy and impeccable towels that help you create the perfect environment to provide the best rest for your guests.