How To Dispose Old Tyres and Rims 

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If only it was as simple as digging a hole and throwing your old tyres into it. Modern garbage/waste requires modern solutions. Same goes for old tires disposal. UAE in this regard has tightened its recycling norms and the ministry of climate change and environment has given some comprehensive guidelines. Tyres disposal is quite challenging due to their non-biodegradable composition and long life. But this process has also been made easy by many recycling companies that take away the stress from the owners. Let’s find out a number of ways to tackle tyres and rims disposal. 


Finding a Specialized Recycling Company 

There are many companies around the UAE that will pick up old tyres from your location and handle recycling for you. These recycling centers can turn worn out tires into paving material, fuel, or mulch. The first step is to find a recycling center near you and confirm terms and conditions with them, especially the cost. You might have to make a compromise here as there is not much you can do with old tires, except some DIY projects. 


Contacting a Local Tyre Shop

When you buy new tyres, most of the local shops would recycle your worn out tyres for you. Dubai Tyre Shop is an online tyre buying platform that has its network spread all across the UAE. Any online purchase that the customers make with this shop comes with free delivery, installation, wheel balancing, rotation, and tyre disposal. Visit to not just buy new tyres but also avail premium services for free. Offering the customers an easy, one-stop solution, you can choose from their extensive brands’ catalog and once your purchase is confirmed, enjoy free services including tyres and rims disposal. 


Selling Tyres and Rims for Tyre-Derived Fuel 

Another option is to sell your old tyres. When you decide to dispose off your tyres, try to find a reasonable car tyres deal that gets you some value back for your tyres. Most vehicle owners sell their tires to local auto shops, provided they are in good condition. Some recycling centers also buy old tires though they do not give that much money. These recycling centers often pass on the worn out tyres to factories where they produce Tyre-Derived Fuel (TDF). Used to generate power by paper and concrete industries, TDF has a higher BTU fuel value per pound compared to coal. Pyrolysis is the cleanest form of TDF as it is burned in an oxygen-free environment. 


Make a Donation

Yes, there are many organizations that pick up old tyres from your location and use these donations for various causes. It is up to the organization what they do with the tyres, be it selling them to recycling centers, Tyre-Derived Fuels, or Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA). The latter involves crumbing and shredding rubber, which is used by companies producing flooring materials, speed bumps, and sidewalks. 

Whichever option you decide on, make sure you have a plan ready before you decide to buy new tires.