How to Quickly Sell Your Car

How to sell your car - Drive+Save

Whether in the day or a few days, the recovery of your old vehicle is practical and possibly very fast. However, it is you who control the timing.


Online Estimate


Selling your car quickly is a simple operation in the context of a takeover by an automotive professional such as a dealer or an authorized agent. It is only in a few minutes that you can know an estimate of the value of your car. For example, when you want to pledge a car on a car pledge (จํานํารถ which is a term in Thai), they will ask you for information about your automobile. 


Take the time to bring the registration certificate (grey card) to inform the date of entry into service of your car in addition to the brand and the name of the model. Other elements will be required, such as the type of engine (fiscal CV and fuel), its gearbox, the mileage, the number of doors and the options. Finally, we will ask you to comment on the condition of the vehicle and its tires.


After which, an estimate of the amount of the recovery will be made to you by email. The more precise you are, the more reliable the estimate. The operation is free and without obligation.


During the Day


If you opt for a cash recovery (that is to say without committing to the purchase of a vehicle elsewhere), the operation can be completed in 24 hours. It depends on the availability of the expert in charge of the physical inspection of your automobile. Otherwise, count from a few days to a week. In all cases, the takeover operation will only be activated if you agree with the proposed offer.


On Delivery of Your New Car


As part of a recovery conditioned by the purchase of a used or new vehicle, you entrust the vehicle to be taken back the day you take delivery of your purchase. Indeed, there is no question of separating yourself from your car and staying without a vehicle while waiting for the delivery of your next car.


The exchange of keys can be done the same day, where you sign the sale or during the week if the car requires preparation (additional equipment or options). This operation generally takes place in concession. However, do not hesitate to talk about it with the professional who takes care of your file to arrange a meeting at your workplace or at your home to make your life easier.