Online Tutoring: Is Tutored Learning Efficient?

At first, tutoring may seem like a detail, but research shows the effectiveness of this technique, especially when meetings occur more than once a week. A study analyzed 200 experiments intended to trigger improvements in education, such as the expansion of early childhood education.

Among them, the promotion of frequent private lessons with research-proven instruction stood out, which raised the learning rates of students who traditionally had low performance. To give you an idea, the strategy was 20 times more effective than low-dose teaching in math and 15 times more effective in reading. Information like this has motivated US authorities to bet on mentoring programs to lessen the impact of closing schools for several months to contain the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. When looking for where to study IELTS (เรียน ielts ที่ไหน ดี which is the term in Thai) it is best you go for an online tutor.

What Are The Benefits Of Tutoring For The Student?

The student who participates in tutoring can benefit from several advantages; we list some of them below:

  • Access to a more humanized teaching format that takes its development into account.
  • Rhythm adapted to your learning process.
  • Customized methodologies and programming.
  • Lighter environment with less pressure to keep up with content.
  • Greater space to express doubts without worrying about the judgment of colleagues.
  • Adaptation of the topics addressed to your personal goals and needs.
  • Gain time to assimilate one or more contents.
  • Flexibility in scheduling classes, with greater availability of timetables, especially for those who choose private classes.
  • Possibly negotiating the financial investment for the meetings and choosing between face-to-face, blended, and distance modalities.
  • Open space for the expression of ideas and adaptations in the teaching process.


Mentoring promotes a union between reinforcements for learning and care for the student who receives attention and guidance customized according to your strengths and weaknesses. One of its greatest contributions is the development, by the student, of the autonomy they need to learn more, not only during the school day but throughout their entire lives.

If you are looking for a tutor like SAT math tutor (ติว sat math which is the term in Thai), the recommendation is to look for competent professionals with technical and pedagogical knowledge to enhance this experience.