Pok Deng – Online ไพ่แคงไทย Game

This game originated from Thailand and is played among three to nine players. This ไพ่แคงไทย game is a comparing type and the basic steps of playing this game are as follows:

  • Select the players and place their bets.
  • Then, the dealer shuffles the deck of cards and gives two cards to each of the players including himself/herself.
  • The players may draw one card or can stay.
  • The dealer starts to compare his/her card against selected players and might draw a card.
  • Lastly, the dealer compares his/her card against the rest of the players.

How the ไพ่แคงไทย game – Pok Deng works?

The game doesn’t require too much time so many rounds can be played very easily. Everyone in the game can bet except the dealer. Don’t forget that the competition is not between the players but with the dealer and each player. The dealer might choose to go clockwise or anti-clockwise regarding the shuffling and distributing of cards. Each one of the players gets two cards each (with face down) including the dealer and the remaining cards are kept as a pile.

The numerical score of the individual is the resultant of the numerical values of the cards. There are two terms that should be known: taem and pok.

  • Taem means the number on the one-digit place that’s resultant from the sum of the numbers on each card. For example, if you have two cards of 7 and 8 respectively, their sum gives you 15 which means you have five taem because the ones place has five on it.
  • If a player has eight or nine taem, he/she has pok.

The pok players aren’t allowed to draw a card. The dealer at last checks his cards, if he/she has pok, all the players are compared against the dealers. If the dealer doesn’t have pok, he/she can draw a card or select from some of the players. Lastly, compare with each and every player. The bet multiplies in the favor if someone has two similar numbers and types, this is called Deng.


There are several other types of ไพ่แคงไทย games but this takes the shortest time to play and gives you maximum fun. Also, we can add many members to the game which multiplies the fun. Overall this game also returns a decent value each time. No brainstorming skills are required to play this game, just keep an eye on the dealer’s move and your cards, simple as that.

ไพ่แคงไทย games are really exciting and you should check out the maximum of them as they really have high return values and easy to play. Pok Deng is available online and on every device (Android, PC, or IOS) so that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. The game was quite popular in Thailand but slowly it has spread online and many South-Asian people are familiar with and enjoy this unique ไพ่แคงไทย game. Choose a verified website for playing to avoid rigged games and scams.