Pompage Pac à Graisse Paris: Pumping of grease traps.

Paris pompage bac à graisse means “pumping of grease traps.” There always has been a problem of sediment building up in sewages and columns. This lead to the reduction of internal diameters of conduits. And this makes it difficult for liquid to flow. Due to this toxic gases are produced in the pipes and this eats away the iron pipes. This also causes foul odor and leakage.

What is a grease trap?

Grease traps are also known as a degreaser and also grease separators by some. It is an important part of the drainage system as it acts as a grease filter. Its sanitation is much required. “pompage bac à graisse Paris” service should always be undertaken by a professional. Like at “Absordex Assainissement Francelin” we have professionals waiting to help you out with this problem.

How to keep them clean?

It is important to keep the pipes clean at all times. Public health obliges owners to keep their pipeline system in well and working order and check them regularly. 

The process of pumping grease traps should be only carried by professionals. Sediments are highly toxic and could make you ill if you try to clean them by yourself. So always rely on a professional to do this work for you. Cleaning consists of getting rid of pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, and even PCBs.

Taking septic tanks, for example, contain pathogens that could be harmful to you. So it is advised that you should stay away from them and let a professional do work for you. “precaution is better than cure.”

For cleaning purposes, agents would use bacterias. Do not worry these bacterias are not harmful to you. They use such bacterias that eat and attack the organic matter. You can contact pompage bac à graisse Paris for any issue regarding the Pumping of grease traps. 

Sanitation companies offer customers a hydrodynamic cleaning through the use of high-pressure pumps. These pumps have a high flow of around 60 to 70 liters per minute. The strength of such a high-speed water jet cleans the installation and removes scale from pipes and would give you a cleaning experience of top-notch.

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