Reviews of Portable Blenders

If you are looking for the best portable blenders then you came to the right place. Here we are discussing our portable blenders. You can see the qualities of these blenders and the features of these blenders.  These blenders have unique designs and you can see different amazing features.

  • Colorful Designs

If you are looking for unique designs then our portable blenders are really unique. You can find different colors of these portable blenders. These colors include blue, green, purple, pink, and red. You can find modern designs, convenient and eye-catching designs.

  • Uses of our Portable Blenders


  • These portable blenders are used in the office. When you will use our portable blenders in your office then your office desk will look beautiful. It will give color to your desks.
  • You can take the Smart blend for the Gym. When you will be free from your work, you can quickly blend and shake.
  • If you are traveling, then these blenders will be very useful. You can use these types of blenders during your journey. These SmartBlend portable blenders can fit into your hand luggage. For this, you should check the airline policy when you will travel with a Smart blend.


  • Specification of Blenders

We are discussing some features and specifications of these blenders.

  • The capacity of these smart blenders is about 380 ML.
  • The power of SmartBlend portable blenders is about 150W.
  • If we look at the battery capacity of blenders then they have the capacity of 2000mAh/3.7 V.
  • The motor standards of these blenders can be about DC7.4 V.
  • The motor speed of blenders is 15000RPM.
  • The motor speed with no load is about the 22000RPM.
  • The use time of these motors is about the 10-12 times per charge.
  • The main accessories of these blenders include the main Cup, USB charge, and manual book.
  • The blender contains the magnetic induction switch. It also contains the Rubber Cushion that can prevent the leakage of water.
  • You can also find the 2A adapters, USB computer, or Carport. It will help you to charge during the drive. Further, the power bank is another feature of these blenders.
  • The blenders come into six colorful stunning designs. These designs are very beautiful.
  • Presence of Lid with Rubber holder can help the user to carry the blenders.
  • Presence of filters can help you get a smoother taste.
  • You can find intelligent design for convenient use.

Our Service

  • Although there are different blenders in the market but people from all over the world especially from Australia use our portable blenders. The reason is that we are providing the best service to our clients. We provide some extra service to our clients. You can find these blenders as these are 100% Australian owned. You can give any order and we can manage to ship from Brisbane location. All these products have 100% quality. You can find the Australian based business stylish blenders. Smart blends always focus to try to make life easy for their clients. So you can find the best quality blenders.
  • We provide free shipping service in Australia. When you will give any order then you will get the tracking number. With help of tracking numbers, you can trace your product. However, there may be some charges for international Shipping.
  • If you do not like these blenders then you can return these blenders. The company is providing a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The SmartBlend is a very reputable company that provides SSL security for the users. It will make your personal and payment information secure.


  • How to Buy the Portable Blenders.

If you like the features of our portable blenders then you can buy these blenders from our company. You can buy easily as there is an easy way to buy the blenders. We are discussing some payment modes.

  • Credit Cards

The company accepts all credit cards and debits cards. It is one of the easiest ways to pay. If you have the Visa, MasterCard, American Express then you can pay the payments. The company has a secure payment system. You can buy any time through the online payment system.

  • Paypal

PayPal is another payment method. If you have the PayPal account then you can secure payment. All your information will remain safe and kept secure. So, it is another way to buy online blenders.

  • Afterpay

You can also enjoy the service of after pay. You can receive the goods and pay later.  You can pay in installments and it will be an interest-free payment.

  • HUMM

When you will use after pay, you can purchase and receive the goods now, and repay in five or ten slices weekly or fortnightly, interest-free. You can choose HUMM as your method and can pay as normal. However, there will be a need for the registration process for New HUMM.

  • Email Confirmation

You can also make the payment through email confirmation. You can confirm your order and make payment through simple email. This is also an easy way to make online transactions.


SmartBlend is one of the best companies that is dealing with portable blenders. The portable blenders are very useful for people as you can use it in your office and during travelling. The blenders are portable and you can charge the blenders with help of USB ports. The company provides the quality of products in different colors. You can choose ay colors. These blenders can make your life very easy and you can buy any time from all over the world. The company is offering a 30 Day money-back guarantee.

For only $69.99, they really are a great purchase. Want to know more? Head over to now and get yours… you’ll be pleased you made the investment.