Selecting a dependable auto accident lawyer in Boise: Your easy guide

Car accidents and crashes are not unusual on the roads of Idaho. This is a fault state. If the other driver acted negligently, they are liable for your losses. You will typically file the insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer in Idaho. You would benefit hugely from hiring a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer regardless of your circumstances. If you have never worked with one, things can be overwhelming. Below is an easy guide for selecting the right attorney after an accident. 

Get a few names

Get references if you know people who have hired accident attorneys in the past. These are law firms or attorneys that others have hired successfully in the past, and therefore, you can have the basic trust in the work they do. If you are new in Boise and don’t have the option, consider checking Google. Law firms usually have their websites, and websites like Avvo and Nolo can help. 

Meet your attorney and ask questions

Law firms usually offer a free initial consultation for personal injury cases, which could be a useful window to know the attorney. You can make a list of your relevant questions or ask things like – 

  1. How often do you work on car accident claims?
  2. What is your success rate? What are some of the highest settlements you have won so far?
  3. Can you share a few references?
  4. Have you worked on cases that are similar to mine?
  5. Have you taken accident lawsuits to court? How often do you do that in your practice?

Ask about fees and costs

Accident attorneys in Boise generally take a contingency fee. The lawyer doesn’t get paid until you win a settlement. If there is no financial settlement, they won’t recover anything from you. The fee depends on many factors, including complications of the accident, available evidence, work required, and attorney’s experience. Typically, the fee varies from 25% and 40% of the final amount. There could be other expenses that your lawyer may have to pay, including costs of the investigation. Ask in advance about these costs and what you are required to pay. If a lawyer believes in the case, they will usually pay for most expenses until you are paid. 

Call the shortlisted attorneys without much delay after the accident to make the most of the available time. You can also compare the options based on the response you get from different law firms.

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