The Chinese Numerological Guide to Booking Motorcycle Plate Numbers

As we roll into another new year, many vehicle owners are getting new number plates. Now’s the perfect time to select auspicious numbers for your motorcycle plates. These numbers are famous for bringing prosperity. We see them everywhere during the festive seasons – on billboards, household items, and vehicle registration plates. If there’s anyone who needs luck in the roads – it’s motorcycle drivers. Motorcycle drivers are prone to collisions, crashes, and other unnecessary accidents. Picking the right numbers for their motorcycle plates will help them eliminate negative energies from their lives. Here are some auspicious Chinese numbers that are known to be the luckiest for motorcycle drivers. 

The Luckiest Numbers for Motorcycle Owners

The “Feng Shui” way of booking motorcycle plate numbers is simple. Pick number combinations that are famous for being lucky and prosperous. For example, the number “8888” is very lucky and very popular. In ancient Chinese tradition, the number 8 appearing 4 times signified prosperity. If you want your motorcycle rides to be full of great fortune, get the number “8888” on your registration plate. The lucky number “8866” also signifies a similar theme. It represents two themes – prosperity and the ability to bounce back stronger from difficult challenges. Both these numbers are ideal for motorcycle owners who need good luck on the roads. 

Making the Most of Chinese Numerology 

The art of booking motorcycle plate numbers [จอง เลข ทะเบียน รถ มอเตอร์ไซค์, which is the term in Thai] is simple. You pick ancient number combinations that represent your identity and desires. For instance, in Chinese numerology, the number 2 represents pairs. Everything you place after the number “2” will happen twice. For instance, the number “28888” represents double prosperity. The number 6 in Chinese numerology represents flow. So, the number “68888” signifies the idea of prospering smoothly. Use this guide to get a lucky plate number for your precious motorcycle!