The Surprising Benefits of Getting a Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip arthritis is a very painful condition. But, most patients can manage it with physical therapy, medicines, exercise, etc. When these non-surgical remedies don’t work, then surgery is the last option. That’s because hip arthritis gets progressively worse with time. People who receive surgeries do so because the pain in their hip joints is incontrollable. For instance, if the pain prevents you from participating in daily activities, surgery is the best option. Thankfully, people who have their hip joints replaced with artificial hip joints receive long-term relief. The “fake” joints easily last for decades without losing their quality or firmness. Here are some other surprising benefits of getting new hip joints and bones.

The Key Benefits 

Doctors will only consider performing hip replacement surgery if the patient is weak, immobile, and unable to perform basic activities. That’s why the first advantage of surgically fixing your hip joint deformities is pain relief. After these surgeries, patients can move normally. Their leg lengths are no longer unequal, and they can resume walking, jogging, etc. Overall, these surgeries are 100% safe and have equally high success rates. It’s a common surgery for arthritis patients who receive complete relief from arthritic hip pain afterwards. More importantly, the improvements in the patient’s hip functions are permanent. Most replacement hips last for 20+ years. The implants allow the patients to move their hips freely and without any fear of pain.

Getting the Best Surgery

Planning to get a hip replacement [การ ผ่าตัด เปลี่ยน ข้อ สะโพก เทียม, which is the term in Thai]? Make sure to pick clinics that offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment. Also, pick clinics that have a successful track record of performing these complex surgeries. If possible, speak to the surgeon’s previous patients. Clinics that use robotics during complex surgeries for assistance have higher success rates. Select such a clinic and enjoy long-lasting results after completing the replacement surgery.