Top activities to do while on a trip to Akihabara 

Japan is a land of honor and culture. Culture and modernization go hand in hand in Japan which has led to their growth as a global power. Japan has tons of tourist attractions in form of religious buildings, imperial palaces, monument and natural beauty, which attract a large number of tourists from around the globe every year.

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Akihabara is one such city that remains filled with tourists all around the year due to the presence of modern as well as ancient attractions. The following are a few things to do in Akihabara.


  • Shop at Don Quijote


No trip to Japan is complete unless you shop at this shopping spot. This multistory structure houses a lot of different products like souvenirs, gifts etc. for everyone. This place will offer the cutest and even the quirkiest of the products which will attract to almost instantly. Majority of the people that visit Akihabara, do their souvenir shopping in this complex only. 


  • Cosplay at studio crown


If you have always wanted to participate in a cosplay but never had the time, studio crown, located in Akihabara will be a great stop for you. You will be able to get a lot of anime character costumes along with props so that you can try them out and get a few photos clicked in them.


  • Visit the Tokyo anime center


If you are a hardcore anime fan, you cannot miss this building at any cost. It houses gift items, collectibles and other items that you can buy and see. You will also get to see Manga and Anime and will also be able to participate in the events that keep happening inside to earn rewards.


  • Go to Gigo Sega building


If you are a video game lover, make sure that you definitely visit this place. It is filled with some of the oldest and the latest video games and consoles that you love and also has collectibles from some of the most iconic Japanese games.