Top Secret: 10 Amazing Hidden Compartments And Rooms

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Mankind’s fascination with secret passageways and hidden rooms dates back all the way to the ancient world. From ancient Egypt to the Dark Ages to Civil War to the two World Wars, secret tunnels were dug up to allow for people to move through safely and stealthily for escape, transport of goods or people, and travel.


Today, we can still find a lot of these awesome architectural features in homes all over the country. Homeowners and contractors maintained the secrecy by working on it either when the house was being built or under the guise of some home improvement project such as a trenchless sewer repair or water tank installation. 


Read on and perhaps you can pick up a few ideas for your home. 


10 Totally Awesome Secret Rooms and Compartments

  1. Sliding Door Bookcase

At the top of our list is this sliding door bookcase that opens up to a tiny space the owners converted into a study nook. Instructables has a lengthy feature on this scratch-built bookcase.


  1. Secret Library Automatic Door

If you think a home library is already enough to get some work done in peace, think again. The owner of this library decided to take one of the irregularly-shaped shelves to automatically open up to his hidden home office. Talk about wanting some real privacy!


  1. Hidden Garage Door

This beautiful home in San Francisco looks like it has everything going for it except for one thing: parking. The owner decided to have the ground floor converted into a garage with a facade that plays well with the house’s overall design. 


  1. Hidden Exterior Entrance

While most people like to use other things to hide their secret entrances, the owner of this house decided to leave it out in the open but make it invisible. How cool is that?


  1. Hidden Compartment behind the TV

Now that most TVs are flat and thin, unlike the bulky CRTs of the past, making secret compartments on the walls they’re mounted in is now made possible. You can do this to store some of your valuables or just to hide the unsightly mess that cords make. 


  1. Secret Compartment within a Floating Shelf

Shelves are not only aesthetic but also functional. They give you additional storage and display space for some of your precious keepsakes. This floating shelf somehow pulled a fast one on all of us with an additional storage compartment. 


  1. Number Keypad Compartment

Not many people use the number pad on keyboards so this guy took sneakiness to a whole new level and used his keyboard’s number pads to hide stuff. 


  1. Doortop Stash

A doortop may seem like an unlikely place to convert into a secret compartment because, really, you can’t put much in it. However, it still makes for a cool hiding place for some cash and smaller trinkets.


  1. Wireless Light Switch Bust

Remember that bust that unlocked the access to the Batcave in the campy Batman TV show from the ‘60s? Well, somebody decided to make one for his home. No, it doesn’t open a secret tunnel but rather just turns on the lights. It’s still cool, though. ; 


  1. Wall Outlet Safe

Do you have a wall outlet that’s not being used at all? Why don’t you turn it into a small hidden stash for some of your valuables?

There are a lot more highly-creative secret rooms and compartments that we failed to show. If you can dream it, technology and engineering can make it.