Tutor Search – What Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing A Tutor

However, many parents do not know what to look for when looking for the right tutoring for online Toefl tutoring (ติว toefl ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) for instance. Many motivated tutoring students deal with the new material even after a tutoring session with us and find much information, exercises, and more online. If you want to access these on the go with a smartphone, the right apps and the right mobile phone tariff are essential. In the following, we give you a few tips on what you should pay attention to:

Distance: How many kilometers are there between the postcode of the teacher and the student? In addition, the effort is taken from door-to-door – the way should therefore be less than 6 kilometers, or compensation must be expected, as the teaching relationship otherwise makes little sense for the tutor.

Personal qualifications: Is the tutor social, committed, empathetic, patient? Information about this is provided by his previous activities, his studies, his social commitment, and his previous tutoring experience. However, you will only find out more precisely after the first few teaching units.

Professional qualification: Is the tutor professionally qualified and confident in what he teaches? Can he answer all questions about it and don’t have to guess anything? Does he know the background? Information about this is given by high school subjects, studies, and hobbies.

Didactic qualification: Perhaps the most essential point. The tutor can know a lot about the subject, be patient, but can he get it across correctly? Does he find the right “frequency” for the student? Every student is different and has to be taught differently – frontal teaching helps little, even with the best professional qualifications. However, this can only be found out after the trial lesson and in conversation.

Just don’t get frustrated while studying. Give yourself enough time to immerse yourself in the subject. This can be not easy, especially in the first or second semester, because the transition from school to university is not easy for everyone