What It’s Like To Love An Emotionally Unavailable Woman

The One Thing That Changes Everything When You're With An Emotionally  Unavailable Man | Getting to TRUE Love

According to Alyson Cohen, (a therapist) “Someone who is emotionally unavailable has a hard time receiving love and other deep emotions from others.”

Being emotionally unavailable means being vulnerable to feelings of others and themselves as well. It shrinks away the moments for creating a real connection. When a woman is emotionally unavailable means the relationship won’t last long.

On the other hand, loving an emotionally unavailable woman might destroy mind peace. A person goes through these 5 following stages when he loves a woman who is not emotionally settled.

1.   She Is Not Interested In Knowing You

A woman just doesn’t show interest in getting to know you. There can be many reasons to it including her scare of revealing something. She doesn’t dig on you or ask your preferences most of the time. This is irritating for some men. As women have this habit of showing off emotions and try to know her significant other.

2.   She Will Run If Forced

An emotionally unavailable woman won’t hesitate to leave the relation if forced upon something. She acts casual about the relationship and doesn’t make it the most important part of her life. Loving a woman of such personality takes a great level of patience and soft steps for growing your relationship with her. If you try to force your relation or love on her she will leave.

3.   She Got A Strong Defence Mechanism

Any past toxic relation can build walls of defence for a woman who becomes emotionally unavailable. Her mood swings describe her behaviour. The way she behaves with others explains her defence towards openness and feelings. It will feel as if she doesn’t care but deep down inside she does, you need to work on to dig it out.

4.   She Is An Attention Seeker

She will seek your attention all the time. Don’t ignore but work on her, she might interrupt you several times when you are having a conversation with others while she’s also present. Unavailable people are her company where she feels best. You need to make her feel alive again.

In The End:

It is hard to stay in love with an emotionally unavailable woman. Even if after your efforts she is just not ready to open up then don’t drool over it because south London escorts are always here for you.