When and Why Visit the Dealer for Honda key fob replacement

Gone are the days when you need to visit only a hardware store for buying the replacement car key. The process was inexpensive too. But from the day the modern cars have the system of key fobs, the complexity of getting the new key has also increased. The key is definitely convenient, and there is the least chance of theft. But the problem will be when you lose the key. Replacing the lost or broken key will be expensive. Always remember that before opting for the replacement, you have to check the warranty from the car company to check whether the company has provided any coverage for roadside assistance, which includes coverage for damaged keys too. 

Types of the keys

Some cars have the basic key, which has a security chip for starting as well as locking the car. To unlock or lock, you have to use the key cylinder on the door. The ignition, along with the remote key, is the second variant. The third variant is the key fob with a remote system for locking and unlocking. But the car needs a push-button start. The fourth variant is the key fob with the push-button start but keyless entry. You can carry it in your pocket for virtual control. The cost of Honda key fob replacement can be very high, depending on the car model. You should always invest some more and get another mechanical backup key ready for further needs.

Go to the dealer

The experienced mechanics will always suggest taking your car to the dealer directly for replacing the key fob if the car manufacturing date is within the past five years. The programing equipment necessary for the purpose is very expensive and sophisticated too. In the zeal of buying a cheaper fob key online, you might end up damaging the vehicle. The built-in security chip present in the fob can’t have reprogramming for another model.