Why Are Torrents Still Popular?

What are the Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2020?

Online streaming has steadily become a popular household activity, and even more so since the start of the global pandemic in 2019/2020. 

Popping on a DVD is quickly becoming out of fashion as people switch to the much easier function of being able to choose something to watch which is already on the TV and ready to go. But with streaming giants like Netflix taking over the world, why is it that torrents are still so popular?

A brief look at torrents

In many countries of the world like the USA and Italy, the use of torrents is completely banned and actually against the law. Searching for torrentz online won’t bring you very much but may land you in trouble if the authorities get hold of you.

However, not all countries have the same approach with many being more lenient towards the use of torrents provided it is done so in a legal manner. 

Torrents themselves offer users a massive database of content which can be watched and downloaded time and time again. Much like with streaming networks, but the content on torrents is much more wide and varied, perhaps explaining in one sentence why they are still popular today.

Gaining access to a torrent

As we just mentioned, there are many countries which have put a complete block on torrent sites altogether. However, there is a way of gaining access to a torrent if you are struggling to do so. 

A VPN, or virtual private network to many, has the undeniable benefit of being able to operate almost anywhere around the world. Making them ideal partners for gaining access to content online.

They do this by connecting to one of a selection of servers which are located in different countries. One could be in Poland and another could be the UK. By connecting to a server the user gets heightened security on their Internet session and is also allocated an alternative IP address which relates to the specified server.

For example, if a user connects to the UK server they will get a UK IP address, telling other parties they are logged on to the Internet in the UK. Although some firms are catching on to the use of VPNs in this manner, there are still a large amount which are clueless to the method being used.

So if you are struggling to watch any content on a torrent, the first step is take a look at the countries which are the most lenient towards the use of torrents. 

Then connecting up to a VPN, choose a server which is based within the borders of one the selective countries, like Poland. Once your online session is connected you will have a new IP address, which in this scenario will be Polish, and this will be the coding that other onlooking parties see. Your original and actual location is encrypted and the only code they see is the new one. Giving you access to torrents.