YouTube Live and Live streaming 

With YouTube Live, you can achieve your dream of 실시간중계. It is a real-time feature that is on YouTube. It offers a variety of features for broadcasting, good for anyone from a single performer to an event that is full-fledged with promotions and advertisements. It has one benefit that is not available on any other platform. When you are on YouTube live, your event can be located through Google searches. 

What you need to have for YouTube Live

  • Laptop, computer or a smartphone that has a YouTube app on it with an inbuilt or add on web camera.
  • Have an account with YouTube, which you can create using your Google account.

Features of YouTube Live

  • It adds live captions automatically in English to event 실시간중계to enable them to be readily accessible to the audience who have limitations with their hearing or for those who are watching with no sound on. 
  • Readily interact with the viewers using the chat window and taking questions for the particular event and receiving feedback. Even when the live stream is over, be able to follow conversations with the replay live chat features or be in a position to disable particular chats completely.
  • Utilize live streaming that is advanced with features such as automatic recording and broadcast delay.
  • Be able to save the live broadcast events like videos under the videos on your channel. It can then the viewers can view later on. 
  • Assess insights analytically such as the view duration on average, concurrent viewer, total view time, chat rate and playbacks through the dashboard of analytics, generating reports to enable analysis and understand the viewers. 

What to look out for when using the YouTube Live

  • To go live, your account must be verified which might take up to 24 hours
  • For you to go live on mobile, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers. 
  • It is possible to go live by utilizing third-party software or hardware encoders to make sure that quality is enhanced for the broadcast. But that will need you to have some technical knowledge.

Who is suitable to utilize the YouTube Live tool?

You can use YouTube live if you have events of any size. It could be holding a press conference with a small audience of about 20 people or live streaming an international sports event. If you have a business or personal account on YouTube, it might be the best way of tapping into your existing audience and also attract more potential audience from all over the world through the auto-integration on Google search.

Even with the above information, it might be overwhelming to select a tool for free to live stream your event.  Most of the free tools offer the same features, and thus, it is up to you to settle for the one that you think is going to work best for you. 

Get one that you have a great presence with a large following so that you have an automatic audience before looking for others.