Get an Overview of the BBA Thammasart University

BBA is an international bachelor’s Degree Programme that considers marketing and finances the top endeavours. This unique program offers an extensive study of how to deal with business on a larger scale. It is a four-year course, where the students will enhance the capability power of marketing. It has many small courses attached with it to help the students have a practical view. The opportunities of studying this program are huge as it offers extensive practical knowledge. Many debates, discussions, and learning programs make the course more enriching.

The Curriculum Structure

It has a large curriculum structure, including many subjects and small learning programs. It includes mostly the marketing and financing department. This course also provides a general to advance level curriculum. The crucial thing about the university is that it gets revised every year. It helps the students change studying according to new methods and structures. Its online facility is quite helpful for all the students who cannot attend the class. Due to the pandemic situation, many students could not get all the necessary materials. But the entire management saw that everything was on order.

Helpful and Friendly Faculty Member

It not only sees that the curriculum is easy to follow, but also it has great facultyThe teachers of BBA Thammasart University [bba ธรรมศาสตร์ which is the term in Thai] are very professional. But they see that all the queries of the students are solvable. The teachers are not only professional but are also friendly. Whenever there is a problem related to any students, the teachers take special care of it. To enhance the students’ confidence, there is a special award-winning program. The university sees that every student’s life is successful. It Sees that all the students receive recognition for the excellent careers.