Different Elements That Make Up The Safety Shoe

By analyzing the cut of safety shoes, we can see the different elements that make it up and their respective functions.


The upper part of the shoe is called the upper. As with dress shoes, the upper can be made from different types of leather (full-grain leather, suede, nubuck leather, split leather, etc.) or different textile fibers and synthetic materials.

The choice of the upper components depends above all on the field of use of the shoe. For example, the resistance to the penetration of liquids, the breathability, the fire resistance, the weight, the price, the risk of allergy, or the ease of cleaning the shoe is partly determined by choice of the shoe’s components. 

For example, full-grain leather has many properties that make it an ideal material for designing safety footwear. It consists of the first layer of animal skin, which is exceptionally flexible and has a natural resistance to the penetration of liquids. We kept the original thickness of the animal’s skin for full-grain leather, which makes it particularly resistant.

Among the other natural properties of leather, we also find:

  • Fire resistance: leather is naturally non-flammable
  • Thermal insulation: leather contains a lot of air, thus providing good thermal insulation.
  • Breathability: The fibers of leather can retain large amounts of water vapor. This allows the leather to absorb sweat, which will then dissipate.


The lining of the shoe is in direct contact with the foot inside the shoe. It must therefore be comfortable. The liner also has an essential role in terms of breathability and sweat absorption. Indeed, the feet concentrate a large part of the sweat glands of our body. A breathable, absorbent, quick-drying liner will allow wearers to keep their feet dry throughout the day.


The collar and tongue of a shoe are padded. This distributes the pressure generated by the shoe’s closure system evenly to improve wearing comfort. It is essential to use soft materials, especially in the Achilles tendon area, to avoid irritation. Check for what is safety shoes (รองเท้า นิรภัย คือ which is the term in Thai)