Five Things to Do to Child-proof the Playroom

Any room can be turned into a playroom for your toddlers. It’s important that they have their own safe space in the house so that they don’t go running around the kitchen and dining areas. Both of which are unsafe areas for curious kids. Toddlers are specially active. They can go on for hours without resting. They are like energizer bunnies. They are full of adrenaline. Although it helps to have a large playroom, any room will do as long as you follow some safety precautions.

Foam Wallpaper

For the wall, you can use stick-on textured wallpaper that’s made for babies and toddlers. Most of these are made of foam, so the wallpaper is soft and kid-friendly. If your toddlers love to jump and run around, wrap the room in wallpaper so that no matter where they land, their tiny heads and limbs are safe from fractures.

Kid-friendly Flooring

The flooring can be made either of hardwood, carpet, floor mats, and rugs. If you want soft flooring specially for kids who aren’t stable with walking yet, install carpets on your hardwood floor. This will keep them safe also from fractures if they fall while trying to walk. Hardwood floors are great because they can last for years, while rugs and floor mats add a certain elegance to a room.

Corner Guards

Those sharp edges and corners on the furniture will hurt your little ones. Make sure to invest in a stick-on corner and edge guards that are made of thick foam. Don’t worry about what the adhesive might do to the furniture. It is easy to remove and does not leave a mark.

Motorized Window Coverings

There have been too many accidents involving dangling cords in recent years. It’s time for you to invest in a motorized window covering. Or at the very least, hang those cords high up so that your kids cannot reach them. Curtains are a no-no, too, because they can cause strangulation. Go with blinds since they also provide great protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Just make sure to allow sunlight to enter the room a few hours each day so that it won’t feel cold, dreary, and sad.

Durable Furniture

Invest in high-quality and sturdy furniture that fits your kids’ ages. Make sure that the furniture is made of non-toxic materials. But research the brand first because even if the products state that they are non-toxic, that does not mean that they were not in contact with toxic materials during the manufacturing process. Check out Montessori furniture because these pieces are specially made for kids. When designing the playroom, place their toys and books at the right height so that they won’t feel the need to reach for them and get into accidents.

Although the playroom is designed to be a safe place for your kids, don’t leave them there for more than a few minutes. Also, talk to your kids. Don’t underestimate their intelligence. Explain to them the “rules” of the playroom so that they don’t get themselves in trouble.