How To Transition Your Dog To Organic Dog Food

Many pet owners are concerned about the lack of standards in the modern production of pet food. Because there’s no guarantee for the proper implementation of food grade standards within the pet food industry, pet owners are turning to organic diets for their dogs. many believe that this an original and safer way to feel good about feeding their pets.

Before making any drastic changes to your pet’s diet, be sure to ask your veterinarian or residential dog training expert for advice.

If you are looking to make the transition to organic dog food, here are some things to do:

Incorporate More Ingredients- dog owners should take cues from ancient practices by shifting away from grain-rich commercial pet kibbles. For millions of years, canines have been eating what’s available in the nature like fresh meat, insects, eggs and even vegetables. Sometimes, wild dogs also eat herbs and vegetables. Unlike the cat family, caninesare actually omnivorous. Grate a small amount of carrot to dog food for an important source of beta-carotene. You may also add a tablespoon of fresh pureed pumpkin for an increased fibre intake. Finely chopped leafy vegetables are a source of vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibre, and minerals.

Set A Predictable Feeding Pattern- it’s easier to change diets if your dog has a predictable feeding pattern. The first feeding should be before 9AM and the second one in the afternoon. Make sure that the second feeding isn’t given too late, gastric distress can happen when dog sleeps immediately after eating.

Be Careful When Giving Raw Meat- naturally, your dog should get raw meat, but you need to test it. Giving your dog raw ground beef may increase the risk of salmonella. Also be careful with raw pork because it may cause trichinosis in your dog. If you are not sure that the meat is hygienic enough, you may give your dog cuts of well-cooked meat. Balance the nutritional intake by adding small amounts of vegetables and fruits. Look for reputable and trustworthy suppliers of fresh meat. You may also seek recommendations from owners, veterinarians and residential dog training Manchester experts who regularly feed fresh, raw meat to their dogs.

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