How to validate the authenticity of a branded watch

We can ensure you: though the market of counterfeit watch is growing and the replicas are becoming better and better, it is possible to find more than 95% of the counterfeit brand watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด์ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai] versions immediately. For several counterfeiters, it is usually not a wonderful obstacle to duplicate an actual watch. Nevertheless, as is often the situation, the devil remains in the details. So, what can you do to validate the credibility of a watch yourself?

Does the version really exist?

The very first way to check whether a watch is a phony is fairly easy: does the advertised watch also exist? Is the recommendation number fix? You can locate this out swiftly, making use of an online search engine. Yet, please do not rely only on a fast-online search on the site of the corresponding manufacturer since all of their versions are not necessarily listed there.

Analyze as well as confirm the details of the watch

Imitation watches typically lack in their details. That’s why it is very important to familiarize yourself with the version concerned ahead of time and to understand the special attributes and information of the watch.

As an example, the lasered Rolex crown on the sapphire crystal at the 6 o’clock placement. This can be seen only when the watch’s crystal is brightened from the side with a flashlight and seen under a magnifying glass. This laser engraving can be acknowledged by the little dots on the crown. Although this imitation defense was specifically made by Rolex, several imitations have already been located with this sort of a laser-engraved crown. Likewise, Omega has tried to do the same with a little personalized globe with the Omega logo design or the inscribed Omega logo design in the crystal rear of the instance. Regardless of all this, it is easy to recognize an original from the imitation, as both the inscribed Omega logo design and the Rolex laser crown are more crudely completed on counterfeits than on an original. A careful eye for detail is always beneficial!