Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Grey Market

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You must have heard of the white market and also the black market; but have you heard of the grey market? If you have not, then trust me, you’ll have fun reading this. The white market is obviously where you get authorized goods and services. 

On the other hand, the black market is an illegal market. A lot of fake products are sold there and they are also unauthorized. The grey market however is in between the white and black market. Now you may be wondering if they sell authorized or unauthorized goods. 

What Happens In the Grey Market?

The grey market is absolutely legal; they sell almost all goods available in the market just that they may not be from an authorized dealer. Grey market don’t sell fake products, they sell quality products from the original brand. 

So if you want to buy counterfeit goods like counterfeit watch (นาฬิกาก๊อป which is a term in Thai) or a counterfeit goggle, then the grey market is not for you. You should probably head to the black market.

So you may probably be wondering; if the grey market is legal, why separate it from the white market? Anyway, the reason is simple: the dealers in the grey market are unauthorized. 

They get the products from the authorized dealers and from owners of the products who just wants to get rid of them, and resell them to others at a cheaper price. Hence, the goods they sell may not be brand new, but they are definitely not fake.

So there you have it, whenever you don’t have enough money to buy original products, think no further as the gray markets might just be exactly what you are looking for and yes, you do not have to worry about getting involved in an illegal business as you can buy quality at cheap prices. I hope you don’t mind if they are fairly used!