Oxford Academy: Bridging Academics and Life Skills

What sets apart a quality boarding school from the rest? Is it just the prestige of the name or the fees? It is way more than that. It’s the personal attention to each student’s academic and character development, exposure to diverse cultures and ideas, and access to state-of-the-art resources that make the difference. Boarding schools offer a nurturing and challenging environment, where students are challenged to engage in academic pursuits, enhance their leadership and social skills and develop lifelong friendships. And the Oxford Academy is one such boarding school that sets the benchmark high for quality education.

Academic Excellence: For over a century, the Oxford Academy has stood out as a leader in providing quality education to its students. It offers a rigorous academic curriculum, as well as a broad range of extracurricular activities, aimed at developing individual talents to the highest level possible. The school’s faculty is exceptional as they bring a wealth of knowledge from their diverse backgrounds, and students benefit from one-on-one attention and guidance from their teachers. Students at Oxford Academy are uniquely positioned to explore various methods of learning, enhance their critical thinking, and develop their intellectual curiosity, thereby empowering them to become lifelong learners.

Character Development: The Oxford Academy believes that character development is essential to instill a sense of morality, social responsibility, and leadership in students. The school is committed to instilling the sense of integrity, respect, and empathy in its students. At Oxford Academy, students learn to be self-motivated and self-disciplined, both inside and outside of the classroom. The school provides a perfect platform for students to hone leadership skills, embrace teamwork, and become responsible citizens, preparing students for a successful life ahead.

Global and Diverse Perspective: The Oxford Academy offers a unique diversity of students and staff, which is reflected in the school’s community. The school has trained thousands of students from diverse races, cultures, and nationalities together, fostering tolerance and appreciation for different cultures. The faculty encourages cross-cultural dialogue to broaden students’ understanding of world issues and social challenges. Oxford Academy offers international programs and worldwide exchange programs, encouraging students to explore different cultures and ideas.

Cutting-Edge Resources: The Oxford Academy provides students with cutting-edge resources that include technologically advanced classrooms, libraries, and educational tools such as virtual reality and multimedia resources. The school has modern laboratories for science, technology, and engineering, which gives students hands-on experience in the subjects. The school also has a full-service stadium and offers students a wide range of sports activities, including football, soccer, basketball, and swimming. It provides healthy diets and encourages regular exercise, ensuring students have a healthy body and mind.

Support and Care: The Oxford Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment where each student is known, cared for, and supported. The school provides a supportive counseling and pastoral care system where the students receive guidance and support from experienced professionals. The school encourages open communication between students, parents, and teachers, ensuring the students get the appropriate support when they need it.


The Oxford Academy offers a comprehensive and personalized education truly unmatched in the world of boarding schools. The unique curriculum augments intellectual, spiritual and social character, imparting a sense of responsibility, leadership, and citizenship. The school is committed to providing the best possible boarding school experience to mold students into creative thinkers, disciplined students, and successful individuals. So, if you’re looking for a quality boarding school where your child can thrive academically and personally, Oxford Academy is the perfect choice for you.