What to do with a broken Samsung phone screen

It is a fact that Samsung phones are more durable as compared to iPhones, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be damaged and require to be taken for Samsung Repair. The screens of phones are made from glass, which quickly breaks when dropped.

So you have just dropped your phone, and it has formed a spiderweb pattern on the screen. If it is not insured, then you should utilize one of the many options available.

Go to the manufacturer

If your Samsung phone is still new and under warranty, it will mean that you take it to the manufacture for the Samsung Repair.  The price you will be charged for a repair of the screen that is broken will depend on the model of the phone.

Going for repair at the manufacturer’s shop is going to be expensive as compared to going for a third-party repair shop. But the good thing is that your warranty will not be affected and your phone will be restored fully.

You can consider purchasing a Samsung protection plus for your phone. It refers to an extension of the warranty that is available for all high-end Samsung phones, which covers everything from accidental damage such as broken screens to mechanical breakdowns.

For a two year protection, it will cost you between about $99 to about $129. During the two years, you will be able to get two claims for accidental damage for every year and every incident, and you will have to pay a deductible amount of about $79 per incident.

Have it fixed by a third-party repair shop

If your Samsung phone is a bit old and already out of warranty or it is a model which is less popular, you are likely going to save money if you take it for a third party Samsung Repairshop for services.

In case you take it to a local repair shop, they are going to do the fixing very fast with some taking less than an hour. There are some third-party repair shops which will even offer to come to your apartment to fix it on the spot. It means that, at no given time, will you be stuck without your phone.

Most of the reputable third party repair shops offer a warranty on whatever parts they are replacing, meaning, you can call the in case your replaced screen doesn’t work well. There are some places where you will be offered a lower price for having to repair your Samsung phone broken screen.

You have to remember that, not all third-party repair shops are the same, and thus you will have to ask the following questions before you settle for one:

  • How much is it going to cost?
  • How long will it take for my phone to be repaired?
  • Do you offer a warranty? Which type – service only, parts only or both parts and service, lifetime, or limited?

When you use third party service for your Samsung Repair, you will void your manufacturer’s warranty. And thus, if your phone is still new or is a high end one, you should first check out with the manufacturer for a quote.