Tips And Gift Ideas For Special Customers

It is necessary to identify the ideal moment to present your customers with premium items (ของ premium which is the term in Thai) both for the differences within each segment and for the differences between them. Here are some gift ideas:

Barbecue Kit

Who doesn’t enjoy a good barbecue? Whether on the weekend or commemorative and special dates, it is a perfect opportunity to gather friends and family for fun. Therefore, a personalized barbecue kit as a gift for customers can be a great idea!

Among some items you can put in a barbecue kit, you can choose knives, forks, skewers, boards, aprons, etc.

Gourmet Coffee Kit

Another gift option that would undoubtedly please most customers is a coffee kit, especially if it’s gourmet. This is a creative and friendly gift that works great for any occasion. Offer a kit with gourmet coffees, which can be ground or beans, along with a personalized cup, filters, and other related items. A gift that will delight any vital customer.

Executive Agenda

At first, although a plana plan may seem like a more straightforward gift, it is still an excellent alternative for those who will use it daily. That’s why we mentioned earlier that you need to know your customer well when choosing the ideal treat. A premium and personalized executive plan can easily become an excellent gift that will be unforgettable for your customer. Assemble an executive kit with a diary, pen, pen drive, and other gift options if you want to go further.

Travel Kit

Do you know that your special client travels a lot for work? So there’s nothing better than a travel kit to accompany you on your comings and goings. Personalized luggage tags with the customer’s name, notebook bags, sleep masks, neck pillows, document holders, and cards are some fantastic ideas of what to put in a travel gift kit.

Decorative Pillow

Whether for the living room or bedroom, decorative pillows are useful gifts for any customer. Of course, as it is a decorative item, it is necessary to take great care in choosing the pillow’s design, taking into account personalization as well.

Wine Kit

Closed a new business with that super loyal customer of yours? So toast him! Or at least offer that opportunity to let him know how important he is to your company. Kit with wine, glasses, corkscrew, and other personalized pieces is an excellent gift for VIP customers and loyal to your brand.

But beware: remember to check if your customer consumes alcoholic beverages.

Backpack Or Executive Bag

Following the line of agendas, you can also offer backpacks or executive bags as gifts for particular clients. They even serve as an option to complete your travel kit or the executive kit.

There is no doubt about how useful a backpack or executive bag can be for specific customers.