Comparing Diamonds to the most realistic cubic zirconia

When you want to impress someone with a ring, the diamond will be a too expensive option. A little online research will open up the world of cubic zirconia- the ultimate substitute for real diamonds. As you know, the quality of a diamond depends on the cut. It has a deep impact on the reflection of light. The reflection of white light is the reason for the brilliance of diamonds. On the other hand, fire is the name for the reflection of colored light. None of the two happens truly for cubic zirconia due to the low refractive index. But the dispersion effect causes the excessive reflection of colored light, leaving a rainbow effect. 

Brilliance comparison

Of course, as you can well understand that the refractive index of the diamond (2.42) is much higher than that of the cubic zirconia. There will definitely be lacking brilliance when you keep the two gemstones side by side. But if you only consider the cubic zirconia, you will be happy to see that the reflective power imparts a shine that will easily impress anyone. Diamonds are extravagant purchases, and so, it is better to minimize the expense by opting for another dazzling but cheaper gemstone.  

Wear them every day

When you plan to buy the most realistic cubic zirconiayou have to think about the purpose of the purchase. Are you purchasing it because you want to present it as an engagement ring? Then you have to keep in mind that the gemstone will suffer from regular wear and tear. Diamonds are hard and do not suffer from scratches. But the durability of cubic zirconia is not low, and you can easily wear it daily. It is a synthetic material and measures 8.5 on the Mohs scale that determines hardness level. But it will certainly serve the purpose for an extended period. 

Minimal maintenance

While some gemstones demand real pampering, cubic zirconia does not do so. You don’t need to maintain any regime for cleaning or maintenance. Regular cleaning, however, will enhance the visual appearance of the product. The CZ stone is denser than the diamond. So you might expect that it can get cloudy over time if you do not do the basic cleaning. Otherwise, there can’t be any better option, and it is the ideal one for your partner. Comparing the stone to a diamond is meaningless as diamonds will definitely have some better features to justify the highly expensive price tag.